the Tanukinoyu Hot spring


To all the travelers.
In my AIRBNB, I can guide this hot spring. Hakkoda, about 5 hours, including Sukayu hotspring tour. The price is 10,000 JPY. Various credit cards can be used.


2018年 春の桜開花予想


All the travelers, the cherry blossoms in Aomori Prefecture where I live is in the middle of late April. My house is in Hirakawa city. It is 13 minutes by train from Hirosaki. We are waiting for guests from all over the world this year too! My rooms by AIRBNB

Japan’s cherry blossom viewing may come early this year, says weather forecasting firm My rooms by AIRBNB

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How to come to TAMA’s house


Welcome to our house from all over the world.
For AIRBNB travelers, I will post information about my house.

First, evaluation of people who stayed in my house, please look at this link.

I and you can’t paste the URL of the Google site into the messenger of the AIRBNB site. For the purpose of delivering more detailed information to you, I will give traffic information for you.

If you say “You can arrive by yourself by watching Google Maps!”, If you refer to this Google Maps, everything is resolved.

From Aomori Airport
THE Misato Kinen Kan

(Main Route)
Aomori Airport – (60 minutes by bus) — Hirosaki-eki station (same as JR line’s station,13 minutes by Konan Tetsudou Railroad) — Hiraka-eki station – (5 minutes on foot) — My house, The Misato Kinen Kan

The bus from Aomori airport
From the terminal of Aomori Airport, take the bus for “Hirosaki Bus Terminal”.
When the plane arrives at Aomori airport, the bus leaves in about 15 minutes.
You must buy a ticket in advance, but you can pay the fare in cash when you get off. The fare is 1000 JPY, and the child is 500 JPY.
You should get off at Hirosaki-eki station.

Because when you ride to the next “Hirosaki Bus Terminal”, you must be back 5 minutes’ walk.

Hirosaki-eki station.

From Hirosaki-eki station to Hiraka-eki station

Hirosaki-eki station is shared by JR line and Konan Tetsudou Railroad.
You must get on the Kounan Tetsudou Railroad train.

You climb the stairs in the station, pass by the ticket gate of JR and go down the stairs.
(Go straight ahead towards the apple and get off the stairs)

Please aim at the ticket office of Konan Tetsudou Railroad, Not JR.
Please buy a 370 JPY ticket at the vending machine. (Children are 190 JPY.)

As you pass through the ticket gate, the train on which you ride is waiting. On the train “Hirosaki – Kuroishi (弘前−黒石)” is displayed.

The station 5 blocks ahead is Hiraka (平賀)-eki station.

Hiraka-eki station is your destination

Arrive at my house in 5 minutes!

After leaving Hiraka-eki station, please enter the following address with Google Maps.

My address
131-2 Yanagida Kashiwagi-machi Hirakawa city
+81 80-1672-0930  iPhone. Local call are 080-1672-0930

It is like this inside my house.